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Our Team

Lowcountry Veterans has an all-volunteer Board of Directors and nobody receives compensation. We simply do it because we love it and pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of every tax-deductible donation helps with our mission.

We also have an amazing team of in-home staff that cares for our veterans and is the true backbone of this organization.


Founder and Director

Leslie Jackson is the Founder and House Manager for Lowcountry Veterans, a non-profit focused on helping at risk populations gain access to appropriate care and housing options.  Lowcountry Veterans Home is the first project for Senior Housing and Resource Management (SHRM) and is working collaboratively with the VA to provide housing and therapeutic life services to homeless Veterans associated with the Transitional Housing Program. 


Leslie saw the need for support for the low-income population daily as the owner and operator of Assisted Living Locators of Charleston.  There she helped her clients navigate the world of housing and care options. She quickly realized there are too few quality options for at risk populations and decided to lean into the problem instead of turning away from it.  This is how SHRM came to fruition.  Our audacious goal is to provide quality housing and care options for all at risk populations by aligning and energizing the community and our resources. 

 Board of Directors

Lauren Smolkowicz

President/Director of Events and Marketing

Veteran USMC 

Courtney Williams

Vice President

Veteran USN

Wendy Deese

Board Member/Events Committee

Sue Weller


Erin Jackson

Board Member/Events Committee

Gerold Pimpleton

Board Member

Justin Myers

Director of Community Outreach and Fundraising

Veteran USN

Kristina O'Neill 

Board Member/Events Committee

Gregg O'Neill

Board Member


Michele Mayer

Board Member

interested in joining?

Our Board of Directors is currently seeking new members to add to our team! Our Board is volunteer-based and meets virtually on a monthly basis. We're looking to add dedicated individuals with a passion for helping veterans. Please reach out to our President at for more information.

We also always have a need for gala committee members as well as student interns. For more information, please send an email to

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